Missions has always been a big part of my life and ministry. Ever since I was child going to church and hearing stories about missionaries in foreign countries sharing the good news of Christ, I would dream that someday that would be me, I could see myself teaching and preaching and praying for people and sure enough God is so faithful I began to travel to various countries as the doors would open. The results were amazing as we followed the Lord in obedience, we began to conduct evangelistic meetings and witnessed thousands come to Christ and many healings and miracles that we read about in the scriptures were happening before us. Blind eyes were open and deaf ears were open, bones instantly healed and growths disappear before our eyes among many others, what a amazing God we serve. As you support this ministry with you prayers  and financial support rest assured that missions will always be a part of Rick Fritz Ministries. We have traveled by the grace of God 13 times to date around the world sharing the good news of the gospel, we have ministered in the following countries, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Philippines, Hong kong, Romania, Spain, and Italy and Lord willing more to come.


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